International Courier JBM, recognized for its fast and trustworthy deliveries


As soon as you call, our courier leaves for the pick-up address and then delivers the shipment immediately.

National coverage

Thanks to our national network we are quickly on the spot. Our courier picks up and delivers throughout the Netherlands and possibly beyond. We handle urgent shipments of up to 750 kilograms.

Your advantage

✓ Transparent rates
✓ No mandatory direct debit
✓ No minimum amount
✓ Fast service



Register online

You simply register your shipment in our webshop. Here you also get a real-time insight into the status of your shipments.



We are incredibly careful with your shipment.


Track & Trace

We offer Track & Trace for u and your recipient.


Free insurance

We insure your shipment for free up to € 450 (max. € 4,500 per event).


How fast do you deliver?

Our courier picks up your shipment immediately and then delivers it immediately. We always deliver your shipment the same day (same day delivery).

Upon request, we call or email the delivery time and recipient’s name free of charge.


What does the Courier Sprinter Service cost?

The rate for Sprinter (that’s the name of our courier service) depends on the distance, the speed and the delivery location. Call or email us for prices and availability. We are happy to calculate for you what the journey costs and how quickly we can deliver the shipment. Special prices are possible for regularly returning destinations.


What are the conditions?

Per order there are several pick-up and delivery addresses possible.

The shipment must be ready for transport upon registration.

The maximum dimensions are 2 euro pallets of 120x80x150 cm and a total weight of 750 kg.

When booking the shipment, clearly state that the desired service is “Sprinter”.

Please note: our Courier Services are not valid from or to the waddeneilanden.


How do I pack it?

Packaging is important to ensure that your shipment reaches its destination. Of course we handle your shipments with care, but we have a few agreements that the packaging must meet.

If your shipment is damaged during transport, you can always submit a claim. Note: the insurer can reject your claim based on the quality of the packaging.


Is it insured?

It certainly is. We insure each shipment as standard up to € 450.00 based on liability based on the General Terms and Conditions for Courier Services (maximum € 4,500 per event).

Does your shipment have a higher value and do you want to insure this value? Then contact our schedule.

Request a quotation

Now take the next step and request a customized quotation. Or register your package directly via our webshop.

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JBM Couriers – Sprinter

JBM is your Courier in the Netherlands, but also internationally. We make good agreements so that we can work together perfectly. Everyone benefits from that.

Once or regularly

JBM is your courier service and package service. It does not matter if you send a shipment once or on a regular basis. We always offer you a competitive rate, a professional approach and the best service.